Sconce la lune

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In her lighting objects LA LUNE Ariana Ahmad follows her aesthetics with the careful choice of materials. Thanks to their organic shape, onyx lights create a soft glowing effect, enhancing the space. These meditative pieces, based on natural asymmetrical shapes, bring the nature inside and serve as a reminder of the power of moonlight, wind and the elements.


The concept of these objects is built around natural materials that allow light to pass through. The main idea was to minimize the impact on the material so that its natural beauty does not disappear when transformed into a designer object. The combination of onyx, glass and metal, according to Ariana Ahmad, best expresses the co-existence of the natural, man-made and architectural.


The uniqueness of this series lies not only in its filigree design and incredible combination of materials. Elegant and laconic in appearance, the design is incredibly complex to execute and requires the highest level of skill and experience in its technical implementation. To achieve the desired look and at the same time maintain the full functionality and stability of the objects, the craftsmen needed to revise more than once the smallest details of the drawings and technical features of fastening materials. The real challenge was connecting thin elements of metal, glass and onyx with each other while maintaining the weightlessness and lightness of the overall design. This was achieved through incredible craftsmanship.

onyx, glass, silvered brass
30 х 47,5 cm
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