The Brand

The philosophy of his company is to create bespoke objects with pure forms, sensuous lines and art-inspired sculptural quality. “From the very beginning I was closely connected with art, theater and scenography. I always excelled at drawing and making things. My experience in theatre paved my way into design. When one creates sets, one understands a lot about how people move on stage and interact with objects, space and light, and how, in turn, objects influence these actions”. Hence the interest in materials that transmit light and the intricate balance between filled space and emptiness.


Delcourt's favourite material is wood. Its originality and versatility allow even the smallest details of the master’s idea to be realised in the final piece. Regardless of the method of processing, assembly and pattern, wood reveals its unique character each and every time. It combines strictness with flexibility and freedom.


All pieces of Delcourt Collection are designed to meet the technical limitations of the manual processing of materials, and follow the complex and high-tech know-how that Delcourt possesses.