Ksenia Breivo

Ксения Брейво

Ksenia Breivo (b. 1978) is a successful Russian designer with an extensive international practice in interior design. After finishing her studies as an architect, she went on to complete a design course from the Details School Studio. Now she works on projects in Moscow, London, Vienna, Tbilisi, Sochi and other cities. 


“The whole process is important for me, from the idea to the implementation, and until the moment when everything becomes real, and later transforms as time passes. I am inspired by natural materials: stone, wood, glass, rock crystal, paper, metal, textiles, fireclay, gypsum, beeswax, felt. I love experimenting, combining various substances, as it is such an exciting process. Craft is incredibly important to me.  I work with craftsmen all over the world on my items and always look out for like–minded people who appreciate my ideas,” explains the designer. 


Her style is unique and is born out of the diversity of artistic moods, inseparable from the spirit of innovation. Breivo is looking for new ways in design, both physical and ideological. “I may invent a special type of environment friendly material in time, and focus on it. Respect for the environment is not just a trend, but a deep need to be part of the planet and live in the beauty created by nature.” In each of her projects, she uses local materials as extensively as possible and applies the principles of sustainable development.