Topologema 3

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The painting “Topologema 3” is a continuation of the semantic line of "Topologema 1" and "Topologema 2", which stands apart in Castellani’s work. It is part of a series of three unique works created in 1970s.

The canvas differs from the artist’s usual style, but the same minimalist approach is noticeable thanks to the grid drawn in pencil. With this graphic design, he recalls the traditional chiaroscuro technique to convey the effects of deep 3D space. In this particular case, Castellani abandons the traditional assistance of shaping canvases with nails and opts for experimentation with pure drawing and materials.


In the very early 1970s, he experimented a lot with various matters and mediums, including organic materials to achieve the effect of transparency in his paintings. The technique of the three “Topologems” is similar to the series of figurative canvases “Superfici opaline”: to achieve transparency, he used a special secret formula mixture with honey or sugar. He then applied this mixture to canvases that were deliberately left without proper thorough priming.


In “Topologema 3”, the traditional technique of chiaroscuro shines through thin layers of resin and acrylic, allowing one to create a sense of three-dimensionality and emphasize the space of the canvas itself. The amazing effect was achieved exclusively by pictorial means, and not by giving shape to a relief surface, as in most of the works of this Italian classic.

acrylic and graphite on canvas
90 х 90 cm
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