Сonsole and piedestal OBJECTS/MODULES

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The console and piedestal from the "Object / Modules" series is handmade from stainless steel. This unique object is characterised by the combination of a smooth polished surface and handmade applied layers. The play of depth on the surface and the purity of forms refer to minimalist art objects.


“Traditionally, it is customary to consider metal as a static, unchangeable object. However, modern philosophy and the experience of people working with it show that it’s a living matter, a substance. This project is inspired by my desire to show the vitality of metal,” says Lena. “Interactions with different agencies such as temperature regimes and material properties can give unexpected, unique results. My experience in etching reinforced my interest in working and experimenting with this material. Some of the processes are controlled, and yet spontaneous at the same time. That is exactly what I like about this work”.

stainless steel, unique technique
console 68 x 30,5 x 92 cm piedestal 34 x 30,5 x 92 cm
open edition
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