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In the “Objects / Modules” series, Lena Solovyeva continues to experiment with metal as one of her most favorite materials. “The taming of the cold medium through a manual, multi-layered process that reveals the nature and importance of the material was of utmost importance to me. Stainless steel is one of the most durable and difficult materials to process. The collision of virtuoso polishing and “drawing” on metal in my work is deliberate. While they are in conflict, they are also closely related, and this contrasting comparison allows me to emphasize both the perfection and the differences of each technique”.


The object consists of 4 separate modules. The ability to separate and rearrange them in different ways creates many variations. The series implies the involvement of a person in the creation of compositions by establishing a connection with the piece. There is a unique versatility to this object, since it simultaneously absorbs light and reflects it back onto the surrounding space.


The space between these multifunctional modules is as important as the modules themselves. The severity of the form does not affect the empty space around it. The sections can serve as a place for communication, display, and an object of admiration. “Modules” is a reflection on vital material and the value of handcraft. The project emphasizes the special role of a “living” medium in a computerized, information-filled field.

stainless steel, unique technique
265,6 x 50 x 134,2 x 40 cm
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