Veronique Ganem

Вероник Ганем

Veronique Ganem (b. 1966) is a ceramics artist who has been developing unique methods of working with material for 25 years. The original style of this Frenchwoman is based on experiments with monochrome enamel and a constant search for new shades and textures: matt, shiny, satin, transparent and opaque. She prefers neutral white or black and gray palette. At the same time, she is revoking the traditions of French enameled ceramics. 


She had outstanding expositions within TEFAF and Design Miami/Basel, participated in exhibitions of the V&A Museum, and has many years of cooperation with European galleries.


“I create my pieces completely by hand, and I see them as between art and craft. They are connected to other forms of art, painting, sculpture, textiles. This ceramic awakens the desire to create, to find unusual shapes, colours and combinations to evoke new emotions,” explains Veronique.


The search for complex enamels is the key in her work, as it is closely connected with the peculiarities of molecular chemical formulas and oxidation processes. Ceramics fired at a temperature of 1300 ° C, so the finest tuning of all parameters of the source material is required before that. 


Veronique's creative vision is the integration of the heritage of the past, the use of the knowledge of the old masters, its rethinking and updating in the future. “We are observing a return to nature, tradition, history, common consciousness. People are now interested in authenticity. Buy less, but better, with sincerity and high ethics”.