Christophe Delcourt is fascinated by the traditional handicraft and by the intricacies of textile creation. He always pays special attention to fabrics and has developed his own collection of upholstery with many nuances of textures, patterns and shades. When developing collections, the designer relies on the power of drawing and sketching.


This pursuit of the individual and the unique led to adopting a philosophy of an atelier. Bespoke items can be adapted to any space, be it a private living room, a boutique, an office or a hotel lobby. Thus, the author brings unique feel to any solution, making each project unlike any other. It gives a great freedom of choice for customers. A base can supports a round, square or oval top, a table top can exist in different materials, colours and textures (from wood to marble, from light to dark, from glossy to matt), a sofa has an endless choice of shape, size and upholstery.


This bespoke individual approach resulted in a library of samples with all existing finishes that allow one to personalise any product from the catalog.