Luisa Peixoto

Луиза Пейшото

Luisa Peixoto is a Portuguese designer, founder of her own furniture atelier Luisa Peixoto. Louise likes to involve contemporary artists who hand-paint interior items to work together.


For example, the closet-bureau (bar) “The Garden of Hidden” was created by the designer together with the artist João Figueiredo. The very name of the object is a play on words (Hidden in English sounds close to Eden), a reference to the Garden of Eden. An intriguing picture on the doors depicts Adam and Eve, whose bodies, assembled from geometric shapes, echo the wave-like shape of the doors, forcing us to take a different look at the human body, to see something new in the traditional, and so much well-known plot.


In every item created by the studio of Luisa Peixoto, there is a sincere love for handicraft and craftsmanship, respect for materials, their properties and features.