Kolya Dykhne

Коля Дыхне

Kolya Dykhne (b. 1997) is a young artist working with graphics and sculpture. The author embraces various types of creativity, especially those that allow one to look at the beauty of abstract forms in new ways. He masters complicated, nearly lost stone carving and metalworking techniques on his own, and considers this a key to the success of his art practice.


“I love natural materials: wood, stone, clay, metal. Initially I am a graphic artist, but I am not fascinated by digital art. What is more important for me is the materiality, tactility of the object, its imperfection, in which its soul is manifested. I see working with my hands as a direct way to influence the environment.” 


The artist's interests include monuments of the ancient world (Neolithic, ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia), art and crafts, religious, mystical and alchemical symbolism, surrealism and Dadaism of the first half of the 20th century, literature, music.