Booroom Editions collection is a range of limited edition pieces created by famous and emerging artists specifically for our gallery.


Showing our own take on art & design is a natural consequence of many years of practice and expertise in art and collection design. It was a natural desire to create rare objects in collaboration with those who share our vision. Our intention is to find our own unique language and make real the most daring ideas through a perfect handicraft embodiment in eternal materials. We are interested in expressing our own vision of art & design, and making a consistent contribution to the development of every artist we work with.


These timeless pieces are produced in various countries and can be shipped worldwide. Artists work on them either individually or in collaboration with the best craft ateliers. The work with natural materials is taken to another level, to the very edge of aesthetic limits. Works made in limited editions or in a single unique piece become the bridge that unites contemporary art and design. They awaken desires and feelings, convey emotions and completeness to the space.