Christophe Delcourt

Кристоф Делькур

Christophe Delcourt (b. 1966) is the author of some of the most iconic designs.  Over the past twenty years, his name has become synonymous with French craftsmanship, elegance and contemporary cultural codes.


Delcourt likes to call himself an artisan or éditeur. He works with the best craftsmen (cabinet makers, ceramists, brass casting specialists, upholsterers, masons) and adapts his designs to the specific craft. Each piece under the Delcourt Collection brand is a vivid example of the unbreakable link between the designer's idea and the craftsman’s art. The true French charm is born out of this superiority of elegance over simple showiness and effect.


“From the very beginning, my path was closely connected with art, theater, scenography  I was always great at drawing and making things. My theater background pushed me into design: when you create sets, you understand a lot about how people move on stage and interact with objects, space and light — and how, in turn, objects influence these actions.” Hence the interest in materials that transmit light, and how the balance between filled space and emptiness occurs.


Delcourt's favorite material is wood. It is this, thanks to its pristineness and versatility, that allows the designer and craftsman to demonstrate every detail of the original idea. Wood, regardless of the method of processing, assembly and section, always reveals its unique character. It combines rigor with plasticity and freedom.




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