About Jerome Aumont

Jérôme Aumont (b. 1972) is the founder of the Collection Particulière brand, whose philosophy is to create a special, outstanding collection of limited edition pieces of lighting, furniture and accessories. Established in 2014, the company is well recognized by luxurious materials, bold shapes and decorative restraint. For his creations, Aumon collaborates with Gregoire de Lafforest, Dan Effet, Christophe Delcour, Dessuant Bone and many others.


Before creating his own brand, for many years Aumon worked in the publishing business as the editor of the leading French magazine Maison Français. His broad expertise in antiques, design and journalism led him to start his own business. Artistic principles behind all of his collections make them both diverse and complete. He calls his objects objets de nécessité (“necessary items”) and brings their functionality to the fore, but the ideology of these everyday things, from vases, tables and sofas to paperweights, is far from ordinary. Sometimes things resemble totems; they look like archaic forms that have existed for centuries, embodied in precious materials.