On September 28, the Cosmoscow contemporary art fair opens at the Expo Center. Booroom Gallery takes part for the 4th time in the Design section.


This year the gallery presented artists and designers from all over the world — from Japan, Portugal, Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, the Netherlands. This is a wide list of renowned and new talents — Rui Matos, Christophe Delcourt, Tomonari Hashimoto, Masao Yamomoto, Roxane Lahidji, Kolya Dykhne, Lena Solovyova, James Hill, Valentina Apukhtina, Veronique Ganem, Ksenia Breivo.


With its Cosmoscow stand, Booroom Gallery studies the concept of combining different cultures and their interaction with each other. Objects co-existing in the same space are made in a variety of techniques and media. Artifacts reveal the importance of the interaction between author and space, artisan and object. This is an attempt to identify a subtle connection that arises on the border between the metaphysical and the material. The exhibition reveals new forms that speak of the balance between the artistic image and its embodiment and emphasizes the value of art as a means of overcoming social, cultural and geographical boundaries.