Booroom Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of Japanese ceramist Tomonari Hashimoto, a finalist in the prestigious international competition LOEWE Craft Prize. Hashimoto belongs to a new generation of artists who challenge the limits of the possible with incredible techniques. Experiments with material, forms and aesthetics have already brought him the fame of one of the most promising artisans of our time.

All Hashimoto's works are made by hand. The sizes of his objects vary from 30 centimeters to two meters in height. The creation process is complex and time-consuming: it can take up to eight hours to manufacture one element. The rough structure of Hashimoto's sculptures emerges as a result of multilayer firing; the technique is based on several traditional Japanese methods of working with clay, the "tsuchi" effect and the "seto-yaki" type of ceramics.

Hashimoto’s style was influenced by major contemporary artists such as Richard Serra, Isamu Noguchi and Anish Kapoor. The ceramist often reflects on poetic images and the essence of being, emphasizing the depth and the resilience as a basis of his creative worldview. The titles of his works speak for themselves: "Red Moon", "Night Dream", "Introspection". 

October 13 — November 19.

Booroom Gallery, Rostovskaya embankment, 5.