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Alexander Orlov & Elena Semenova

Александр Орлов и Елена Семенова

The creative duo Alexander Orlov and Elena Semenova was born during their studies at the Details Studio School. Alexander Orlov (b. 1988) is a Russian interior designer and decorator who established his practice in Moscow after graduating. “Every project starts with a concept. I consider a research necessary to feel the whole narrative of the project. I study the culture of the place, history, peculiarities. In the future, this helps in the search for shapes, colours, textures and the choice of materials,” the designer believes.


During his studies, Alexander met Elena Semenova, and they quickly realised they have the same views and values and decided to create beauty together. Elena is responsible for the implementation of the project, international logistics and individual selection of art in galleries around the world. Alexander develops the conceptual basis, the graphic presentation and the main idea of ​​the project and its objects, as well as the creation of unique items. The union of two people with similar views on the interior and lifestyle in it is a solid base of this collaboration. They always propose and discuss ideas together, and this often happens quite spontaneously.


Nowadays the designers are creating bespoke objects for private residences, with a special approach to the object’s environment. They select all the details with the greatest care and special attention paid to a historical meaning of an interior. Orlov believes that unique local pieces need to be presented to a wider community: “For the development of Russian design, it is necessary to display its special features on the international market. However, do this in a way that, among other things, helps solve common problems of design and art. One of the main challenges of our generation is to find a solution in the field of polarization and targeted content.”


Especially for Booroom Gallery, Alexander Orlov designed the “Ember of Hope” armchair, in a limited edition of 8 pieces. It was inspired by the idea of mining coal and the associated connotations. The whole look of the armchair, with its burnt texture and angular shape really bring to mind the raw materials texture. This armchair serves not only as a strong interior accent, but also as a reason to reflect on the topic of energy sources. The appearance of this “rough surface” in a modern interior provokes disputes on abandoning coal mining and can serve as an impetus for considering other forms of using both the raw materials themselves and places and methods of its extraction. Initially, the object was produced as a bespoke armchair for a smoking room in one of the private houses, but later was transformed into a strong design statement, irrespective of a specific space.

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