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James Hill

Джеймс Хилл

James Hill (b. 1972) is one of the leading photo correspondents of our time, the winner of Pulitzer prize and an awardee of prestigious World Press Photo award. After graduating from Oxford University and London College of Printing (now London College of Communication), he began his career with The New York Times in 1995. Hill travelled many times to conflict zones. He has the rare ability to combine a professional view with an artist’s perspective, thus making his images last longer in memory.


“The ways in which a photographer can bring nuance to an image are very important, just as a sculptor chooses stone or metal or wood, to convey the feeling of a work of art more precisely. Photography is very much about the physicality of the object or person in front of the lens and the immediacy of the image that it creates.  With time, however, those images become something different.  They become the documents of our past and the foundations of our memory”.


Photos of James Hill became part of collections of Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Multimedia Art Museum, Houston of Fine Arts and many private collections.

About “The Castle”

Booroom Gallery has in its collection these touching and very personal photos from the book, including nostalgic landscapes, portraits and other shots depicting an atmosphere of life in an ancient castle. German Publisher Kehrer Verlag published this book in 2019.


“Each project is unique and needs to be approached as such.  For me, the creative process is a mixture of inspiration and chance, but each body of work demands rigorous artistic discipline for it to be fully realized — according to Hill, — Sometimes the creative process can take an organic path, allowing me to shape a project more slowly. My work on “The Castle,” a book devoted to my wife’s ancestral home Château de Maillebois in Normandie, took twenty years to finish”.

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