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booroom gallery

Booroom Gallery occupies a unique place on the Russian market, bringing together collectible design, contemporary art, photography, sculpture, and fine craft. At the core of its collection are world renowned designers and artists from France, Portugal, Japan, North and South America and Russia.

Among the gallery’s key values are timeless style, understated elegance, and emotional integrity. The best of craftsmanship, unique materials and techniques all help in creating a true “couture” living space, comfortable and inspired. 

From the first day Booroom Gallery opened its doors in 2014, Irina Budtseva-Vinitskaya, the gallery’s founder, considers it as an opportunity to explore and experiment, reaching new heights with every year. Irina is a passionate advocate of Art and Design movement. Before she started her own business, she enriched her experience by working in the leading photo and design galleries in New York, Paris and Moscow as well as by interior design consulting.

French design takes centre stage at the gallery now. The bulk of the collection consists of pieces from Christophe Delcourt and Collection Particulière. The perfect contrast to the subtle elegance of these creations is provided by the magnificent uniquely hand-made mirrors from Christophe Gaignon, mesmerizing photography by renowned Japanese artist Masao Yamamoto, and multi-genre photography of James Hill. They are brought together by the vision of the gallery’s founder that allows limited collectible design pieces, experiments on the verge between design and art and contemporary art all coexist in harmony. 

‘We believe that the best spaces are created by architectural decisions, design pieces and art objects made with integrity, passion and an abiding sense of beauty’, says Booroom Gallery’s founder Irina Budtseva-Vinitskaya.